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The Fall of Satan Dan Dowd September 19, 2018 Milwaukee, WI
Atonement - a Milestone in Mankind Being Reconciled to God William Bradford September 19, 2018 Chicago, IL
In Our Weakness God's Strength Is Made Perfect Bart Bornhorst September 19, 2018 Ft. Wayne, IN
The Relationship Between Passover and Atonement Donald Ward September 19, 2018 East Texas
Proclaim Liberty Throughout the Entire Land Charles Graby September 19, 2018 Atlanta, GA; Buford, GA
Justice, Atonement's Intentions Bob Orosz September 19, 2018 St. Petersburg, FL
The Atonement Frank Fish September 19, 2018 Los Angeles, CA
Atonement and the End of Deception Gordon Hannaway September 19, 2018 Tampa, FL
The Veil of Deception Will Be Lifted Fred Nance September 19, 2018 Jonesboro, AR; Little Rock, AR
Jubilee, Atonement, and You": Atonement-Freedom From Oppression Devin Schulz September 15, 2018 Oshkosh, WI
Isaiah Bible Study Series: Chapter 1 Continued, Chapter 2 Randy D'Alessandro September 15, 2018 Chicago, IL
Lessons From Jonah: Following God's Directives Kevin Call September 15, 2018 Portsmouth, OH
Kneel Before the Judgment Seat of Christ: Am I Prepared to Appear Before Christ Joe Dobson September 15, 2018 Columbia - Fulton, MO
Judging Ourselves: How Can We Know When We Are Ready to Stand Before Christ? Joe Dobson September 15, 2018 Columbia - Fulton, MO; Kansas City
Best Feast Ever: A Feast That Has an Impact on Our Lives David Metzel September 15, 2018 Cincinnati North, OH
If the Man Is Right, His World Is Right Boyce N. Berkel September 15, 2018 St. Petersburg, FL
Jubilee, Atonement, and You Devin Schulz September 15, 2018 Milwaukee, WI
A Pursuit for Holiness Mike Fike September 15, 2018 Tampa, FL
Gods' Holydays: Rejoice in Atonement Dan Dowd September 15, 2018 Wisconsin Dells, WI
Justification, Baptism, Laying on of Hands, and the Unpardonable Sin Donald Ward September 15, 2018 East Texas