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Title Speaker Date Congregation(s) Length
Our God Is Not Like Other Gods Rex Sexton August 11, 2018 Kennewick, WA; Kettle Falls, WA; Spokane, WA
God Wants You to Be Happy Don Shaw August 11, 2018 Roanoke, VA
Gods' Saints Johnnie Lambert August 11, 2018 Buffalo, NY
Understanding Prophecy Johnnie Lambert August 11, 2018 Buffalo, NY
Now My Eye Sees You Brian Shaw August 11, 2018 Twin Cities, MN
The Fruit of Self Control Kent Spiry August 11, 2018 Hartford, CT
The End Times Randy Stiver August 11, 2018 North Canton, OH
The Deep-Rooted Pitfalls of Disillusionment and Dissatisfaction Mike Phelps August 11, 2018 Ann Arbor, MI; Flint, MI
Kingdom of God Ruling on Earth....our Only Hope Jorge de Campos August 11, 2018 Louisville, KY
The Promise of the Resurrection: Hell Series Part 3 Craig Scott August 11, 2018 Greensboro, NC; Jacksonville, NC; Raleigh, NC
I Did Not Come to Destroy, but to Fulfill - Matthew 5: The Greatest Sermon Ever Given Scott Hoefker August 11, 2018 DeFuniak Springs, FL; Laurel, MS; Mobile, AL; New Orleans, LA
Divinity Jonathan D. Garnant August 11, 2018 Los Angeles, CA
Doesn't God Care About Human Life? Stephen K. Kusi August 11, 2018 Atlanta, GA
To Consider Worthy of High Regard: Respect Joe Greene August 11, 2018 Milwaukee, WI
Let There Be Light Jim Call Sr. August 11, 2018 Portsmouth, OH
Our Road to the Kingdom Ken Shoemaker August 11, 2018 Portsmouth, OH; Prestonsburg, KY
Medic!!! Ben Light August 11, 2018 Salem, OR
Ways to Make Bible Study Interesting Stan Martin August 11, 2018 Tampa, FL
Fulfilled Prophecies of Jesus Christ Barry Howdeshell August 11, 2018 Little Rock, AR
Ways to Make Bible Study Interesting Stan Martin August 11, 2018 St. Petersburg, FL