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Title Speaker Date Congregation(s) Length
Are You Living the Way? Jim Tuck February 13, 2016 Oakland, CA; San Jose, CA
Seven Principles of a Successful Marriage Jim Tuck January 30, 2016 Oakland, CA
Rise and Fall of Modern Israel Jim Tuck January 16, 2016 Oakland, CA
What Does Egypt Have to Do With You? Jim Tuck December 12, 2015 Oakland, CA
Babylon in Prophecy Jim Tuck December 5, 2015 San Jose, CA
Why Is Babylon in Prophecy? Jim Tuck November 14, 2015 Oakland, CA
There Is No Fear of God Before Their Eyes Jim Tuck November 7, 2015 Oakland, CA
Pure and Undefiled Jim Tuck October 17, 2015 Oakland, CA; San Jose, CA
The Lord Is There Jim Tuck October 4, 2015 Maui, Hawaii 2015
Atonement: The Fifth Step Jim Tuck September 23, 2015 Oakland, CA
The Harvests of God Jim Tuck September 12, 2015 Oakland, CA
Immortal Soul Fallacy Jim Tuck September 5, 2015 San Jose, CA
The Doctrine of the Immortal Soul Jim Tuck September 5, 2015 Oakland, CA
What Are You Sowing for Your Future? Jim Tuck August 22, 2015 Oakland, CA
What Is the Mark of the Beast? Jim Tuck August 8, 2015 Oakland, CA
Should Christians Observe the Feasts of God? Jim Tuck July 25, 2015 Oakland, CA
True Sons of Liberty Jim Tuck July 4, 2015 Oakland, CA
The Power of Fathers Jim Tuck June 13, 2015 Oakland, CA
What Is Your Excuse? Jim Tuck June 6, 2015 Oakland, CA
Why Is This God's Church? Jim Tuck May 30, 2015 Oakland, CA