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Title Speaker Date Congregation(s) Length
Should Christians Observe the Feasts of God? Jim Tuck July 25, 2015 Oakland, CA
True Sons of Liberty Jim Tuck July 4, 2015 Oakland, CA
The Power of Fathers Jim Tuck June 13, 2015 Oakland, CA
What Is Your Excuse? Jim Tuck June 6, 2015 Oakland, CA
Why Is This God's Church? Jim Tuck May 30, 2015 Oakland, CA
Are You Holy, or Can You Be? Jim Tuck May 16, 2015 Oakland, CA; San Jose, CA
What Does It Mean to Worship in Spirit and in Truth? Jim Tuck May 9, 2015 Oakland, CA
The Perfect Work of Patience Jim Tuck April 25, 2015 Oakland, CA
Our Mission and Calling Jim Tuck April 18, 2015 Oakland, CA; San Jose, CA
Unleavened Bread: God's Direction for His People Jim Tuck April 10, 2015 Oakland, CA
Why the Days of Unleavened Bread? Jim Tuck April 4, 2015 Oakland, CA
Unleavened Bread Basics Jim Tuck March 21, 2015 Oakland, CA; San Jose, CA
Pre-Check for Passover Jim Tuck March 7, 2015 Oakland, CA
Welcome to the Kingdom of God Jim Tuck February 21, 2015 Oakland, CA
Satan's Devices Can Keep Us From the Kingdom Jim Tuck February 14, 2015 Oakland, CA; San Jose, CA
Are You a Temple of God or a Tomb? Jim Tuck January 31, 2015 Oakland, CA; San Jose, CA
One in Hope, Faith, and Doctrine Jim Tuck January 17, 2015 Oakland, CA
Resolutions Are a Way of Life Jim Tuck January 3, 2015 Oakland, CA
The Sacred Names Question Jim Tuck December 27, 2014 Oakland, CA
Greatest Story Never Told Jim Tuck December 13, 2014 Oakland, CA