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Title Speaker Date Congregation(s) Length
Does Your Heart Condemn You? Jim Tuck April 13, 2013 San Jose, CA
The Passover Involves Overcoming Jim Tuck March 2, 2013 Oakland, CA
Salvation Belongs to Those Who Endure to the End Jim Tuck January 12, 2013 Oakland, CA; San Jose, CA
Where Are You Laying Up Your Foundation? Jim Tuck January 5, 2013 Oakland, CA
Are We Following After Peace and Holiness? Jim Tuck December 22, 2012 Oakland, CA
First Resurrection Is the Better Resurrection Jim Tuck December 8, 2012 Oakland, CA
How Should We Live in the End Time? Jim Tuck December 1, 2012 San Jose, CA
Are You Following After Peace and Holiness? Jim Tuck November 3, 2012 San Jose, CA
Why Are Little Children Highlighted by Christ? Jim Tuck October 20, 2012 Oakland, CA
What Is the True Gospel? Jim Tuck February 11, 2012 Oakland, CA
How Good and How Pleasant to Dwell Together in Unity Jim Tuck January 14, 2012 Oakland, CA
What Do God and Christ Think About Christmas? Jim Tuck December 24, 2011 Oakland, CA
How Do You Keep the Sabbath? Jim Tuck December 10, 2011 Oakland, CA; San Jose, CA
For You See Your Calling Jim Tuck December 3, 2011 Oakland, CA; Phoenix, AZ
A Thankful People Jim Tuck November 26, 2011 Oakland, CA
Super Soldiers and New Creation Jim Tuck November 5, 2011 Oakland, CA
Jesus and Children Jim Tuck October 29, 2011 Oakland, CA
Kingdom of Priests Jim Tuck October 15, 2011 Maui, Hawaii 2011
The Feasts Are Important for Salvation Jim Tuck October 1, 2011 Oakland, CA
Using Prayers of the Saints to Enhance Our Prayers Jim Tuck September 17, 2011 Oakland, CA