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Title Speaker Date Congregation(s) Length
Will of God Jim Tuck January 29, 2011 Sacramento, CA
Do You Know and Seek God's Will? Jim Tuck January 22, 2011 Oakland, CA
How Should Members Deal With Stress? Jim Tuck January 8, 2011 Sacramento, CA
How Should Christians Cope With Stress? Jim Tuck January 1, 2011 Oakland, CA
Deluding the Masses Jim Tuck December 25, 2010 Oakland, CA
Staying the Plague Jim Tuck December 11, 2010 Oakland, CA
How to Be a Pillar in the Temple of God Jim Tuck November 27, 2010 Oakland, CA
This Generation Will Not Pass Jim Tuck November 13, 2010 Oakland, CA
The Demands of Endurance Jim Tuck October 16, 2010 Oakland, CA
Is the Kingdom an Impossible Dream? Jim Tuck September 25, 2010 Cincinnati East, OH
Sin of Presumptuousness vs Humility Jim Tuck August 28, 2010 Oakland, CA
Danger of Gossip Jim Tuck July 31, 2010 Oakland, CA
What Does God Require of Us? Jim Tuck June 5, 2010 Oakland, CA
Keeping Watch During This Passover Season Jim Tuck March 20, 2010 Oakland, CA
Character and Slaying of Our Goliath Jim Tuck March 13, 2010 Oakland, CA
Passover Exam of Conditions of Growth Jim Tuck March 6, 2010 Oakland, CA
What Is Man? Jim Tuck December 19, 2009 Oakland, CA
The Wedding of Christ and the Church Jim Tuck December 12, 2009 Oakland, CA
The Millennial Restoration of Israel Jim Tuck October 3, 2009 Steamboat Springs, Colorado 2009