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Title Speaker Date Congregation(s) Length
Tossing out the Leaven of Worry Robin Webber April 17, 2017 Los Angeles, CA
Dying That We Might Live Robin Webber April 8, 2017 Los Angeles, CA
The Ageless Prayer for All Ages - John 17: The Prayer Which Keeps on Giving Robin Webber March 18, 2017 Los Angeles, CA; Bakersfield, CA; Las Vegas, NV
The Ever-Present Presence of God Robin Webber March 4, 2017 Los Angeles, CA
So What's Life About Anyway? Robin Webber February 11, 2017 Redlands, CA; San Diego, CA; Bakersfield, CA; Las Vegas, NV
The Politics of the Kingdom Robin Webber February 11, 2017 Los Angeles, CA
The 144,000: Promises Kept Robin Webber January 28, 2017 Los Angeles, CA
Why Does God Allow Good People to Die? Robin Webber January 21, 2017 San Diego, CA
Laying on of Hands: Physical Hands for Spiritual Purposes Robin Webber January 14, 2017 Los Angeles, CA
What Does Love Have to Do With It? Everything! Robin Webber December 31, 2016 Garden Grove, CA
How to Execute Righteous Judgement Robin Webber December 10, 2016 Los Angeles, CA
In Everything Give Thanks: It Is the Will of God Robin Webber November 26, 2016 Redlands, CA
Principles of Christian Leadership Robin Webber November 19, 2016 Los Angeles, CA; Las Vegas, NV
The Peace Dividend of the Ultimate War to End All Wars Robin Webber November 5, 2016 Los Angeles, CA
Know That the Lord Your God Is God Robin Webber October 24, 2016 Oceanside, California 2016
Come Let Us Go up to the Mountain of the Lord Robin Webber October 17, 2016 Oceanside, California 2016
Pausing, Reflecting and Entering Into Holiness Robin Webber October 12, 2016 Los Angeles, CA
Blessing, Warning and Wake-up Call Robin Webber October 3, 2016 Redlands, CA; San Diego, CA
Let Us Go Up to the House of the LORD Robin Webber October 1, 2016 Los Angeles, CA
Making Room for the Divine Nature Robin Webber September 17, 2016 Bakersfield, CA; Las Vegas, NV; Los Angeles, CA; Redlands, CA; San Diego, CA