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During this time of year, as we enter the Spring Holy Day season, we are admonished to 'examine ourselves' as we prepare. Examining and focusing on the life that we've built and seeing whether it holds up to the standard that we've been provided. If we're not circumspect in our examination - we can compare ourselves to the wrong thing. Perhaps one another, others in the world around us, instead of the standard we've been provided. Where do we find ourselves? How would we assess our performance in our parent teacher conferences with our Heavenly Father? Wherever we might find ourselves this year, will we choose to grow?

Please select the following links for a copy of the handouts referenced in the message - or click on the ‘Downloads’ Icon at the right to download copies of the handouts in Microsoft Word format.

10 Commandments - God’s Moral Standard of Conduct

Student-Led Spiritual Spring Conference Sheet

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  • benjaminlight
    Thanks Tammy! I figured out how to get the two files uploaded onto the site itself. If you click on the 'Downloads' file to the right of the summary, you can find them both. I hope and pray they're beneficial!
  • kellyshero2002
    Great message - easily digestible and with tools to use as a follow up! Please consider uploading the 2 study guides so that they are accessible to all.
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