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Title Speaker Date Congregation(s) Length
Live Each Day Michael Arritt December 12, 2009 Prestonsburg, KY
The Wedding of Christ and the Church Jim Tuck December 12, 2009 San Francisco Bay Area, CA
Without Wax Greg Thomas December 12, 2009 Cleveland, OH
End Time Abomination of Desolation Roy Holladay December 12, 2009 Chattanooga, TN
Controlling the Tongue Darris McNeely December 12, 2009 Ft. Wayne, IN
Touched by a Ktisis Bruce Anderson December 12, 2009 Twin Cities, MN
Turning the Hearts of the Fathers to the Children Russell Shelton December 12, 2009 Nashville, TN
Coveting or Contentment Frederick Kellers December 12, 2009 Nashville, TN
Jacob and Esau Come to Terms Peter Eddington December 12, 2009 Indianapolis, IN
Go Into All the World Bill Eddington December 12, 2009 Indianapolis, IN
Satan Smites the Shepherds Donald Ward December 12, 2009 Houston, TX
Holidays or Holy Days David Mills December 12, 2009 Cincinnati East, OH
Perfectly Weak Ed Dowd December 12, 2009 Wichita, KS; Phoenix East, AZ
Excuses We Use Stan Martin December 12, 2009 Rome, GA
I Am a Sinner, but Am I Also a Saint? John Elliott December 12, 2009 Phoenix East, AZ
First Book of John, Part 3: 1 John 2 Bob Fahey December 5, 2009 Chicago, IL
Nehushtan Jonathan Garnant December 5, 2009 Los Angeles, CA
What Makes a Community? Gary Smith December 5, 2009 Portsmouth, OH
God Created Woman as a Strong Helper Bill Cowan December 5, 2009 Chattanooga, TN
Mighty Helper Bill Cowan December 5, 2009 Rome, GA