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Faith for Exiles: Part 2 - Develop the Muscles of Cultural Discernment

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Faith for Exiles

Part 2 - Develop the Muscles of Cultural Discernment

MP3 Audio (31.12 MB)


Faith for Exiles: Part 2 - Develop the Muscles of Cultural Discernment

MP3 Audio (31.12 MB)

We live in a complicated, pluralistic and, ultimately, failing world. It is a type of Babylon, a system of collective human pursuits in opposition to God. Intensifying its effect on us is a digital onslaught of information, entertainment, and diversions that directly and indirectly pressure us to conform to the culture. How do we deal with that? This message, the second of a 5-part series, focuses on the importance of developing the muscles of cultural discernment.

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  • Faith Ahik
    Mr. Fish, thank you so very much for this message. Every sentence seemed truly inspired and had an impact. You have really put forth an effort in pleading and striving to remind God's people about the critical importance of priorities and perspective. The most dangerous position for any of us is to lose close and continual contact with God - bless you for this sermon. There is SO much competing for our attention - I pray for the focus Christ had (and still has).
  • frankfishca
    Hello Faith, the challenge we face in living in Digital Babylon is ever present. I am thankful for the research from the Barna Group that allows us to talk about these influences with clarity. May God bless you in your walk with our loving Father and elder brother Jesus.
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