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Fellowship: Are You Missing It?

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Are You Missing It?

MP3 Audio (13.45 MB)


Fellowship: Are You Missing It?

MP3 Audio (13.45 MB)

In this period of quarantine, when we can't physically fellowship with each other, we can and should fellowship with our Heavenly Father and His Son. As we examine ourselves, we need to take care to not to justify our ungodly actions; that can separate us from God.

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  • mikeiiams
    Jen, thanks for your comments. I agree that many good things can come out of this. America has had it so good for so long we think we deserve it, or it is always going to be that way. May we learn some lessons and continue to be able to worship in peace. And yes, starting with dirt is pretty amazing.
  • Jhaskins
    I think of the different good thing this virus has done. We can always find positives and a silver lining in the worst of situations. It helps us to relate to the shut ins, of not attending services. Even though most singles/widows, live alone in solitude and isolation. It helps us to see how God the Father and Jesus Christ wanted more God Beings around to love and inter mingle with. Can you imagine this earth when there was just TWO beings before they created the angels? The angels were created on a secondary level to them. Like pets are on a secondary level to humans. WOW! They sure used the painful and long way around having God Beings around to love and to accomplish with them.. Almost equals. And They used DIRT to start of with. They have to test our metal. I guess they created the angels by fiat out of the air. We can find things to be thankful for. We can be thankful we have the TRUTH and HOPE for the world's future. A light at the end of this "dark tunnel". We see it dimly, but it will to become VERY bright in the end!
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