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God Will Make Things Right for You!

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God Will Make Things Right FOR YOU!

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God Will Make Things Right for You!

MP3 Audio (31.17 MB)

How can God fully heal and restore what we've lost? The Eighth Day points to an amazing answer for all mankind - it is also a personal answer for us as individuals.

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  • eloucks77
    Thank you Steven. This gives me hope that the disfunction I grew up with, my family who didn't know God, and how I went on to elope with a man I didn't know to get out from under my Mother, and bringing 2 kids into the disfunction, and divorcing him because he was just like my Mother. Then I met a good man who I married and had 3 sons with, only to meet up with God's ministers in l968, and it took them a year and Mr Armstrong to make the final dicision that I had to leave my husband and take his sons away from him. After 20 years we got back together. I hurt him terribly and neither of us could understand why it happened. A lot of scars from that. I want to be there when my divorced parents are resur-rected. My Dad never met his grandchildren. There is so much I could tell you. God has helped me and has been patient with me while I was in and out of the Church. Though I left Him for long periods of rebellion to my life. God has never turned His back on me , and has given me all the time I've needed, he continually answered my prayers. My family and myself need healing. Thank you so much for the hope you have given me.
  • plprice53
    Steven, Oh how I so needed to hear this to lift my soul! I am sitting here balling my eyes out and thanking God for giving me the encouragement I needed today. My mom is number on my list. I cannot wait to see her beautiful face and tell her I understood what she was telling me 3 days before she died. She could no longer speak but she would look at me and then turn her head to look up to heaven. As I sat there weeping, she was telling me with her head movements to look to God continuously. Like you said, "God will make things right for me." I needed that reminder.
  • Steven Britt
    Hi Patricia - what an amazing story, and how awesome that will be when you see her again!! Thank you for sharing.
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