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Title Speaker Date Congregation(s) Length
The Master Potter Roger J Korthuis February 6, 2010 Burlington, WA
Facing the Test Barry Korthuis February 6, 2010 Tampa, FL
Talent on Loan From God, Part 2: God's Holy Spirit John Elliott February 6, 2010 Phoenix East, AZ
Consider This Ed Dowd February 6, 2010 Wichita, KS; Phoenix East, AZ
The Model Prayer, Part 1 Larry Walker February 1, 2010 Bend, OR; Medford, OR
Dreams Doug Collison January 30, 2010 Grand Rapids, MI
The Process of Salvation, Part 2 Ralph Helge January 30, 2010 Los Angeles, CA
Spiritual Emotional Maturity Frank Fish January 30, 2010 Los Angeles, CA
Pray for the Children Robert Zeigler January 30, 2010 Lewistown, PA
Strife Tom Charles January 30, 2010 Lewistown, PA
How to Develop More Effective Prayer, Part 1 Mario Seiglie January 30, 2010 Orange County, CA
Rejoicing in Your Trials Gordon Brauchla January 30, 2010 Ft. Wayne, IN
The Biblical Laws of National Government Don Hooser January 30, 2010 Burlington, WA
Lover or Prostitute Darris McNeely January 30, 2010 Indianapolis, IN
Jordan in Prophecy Donald Ward January 30, 2010 Houston, TX
Works David Roenspies January 30, 2010 Chicago, IL
Romans 4 Robin Webber January 30, 2010 San Diego, CA
Talent on Loan From God, Part 1: The Spirit in Man John Elliott January 30, 2010 Phoenix East, AZ
How Does God View You? Donald Ward January 23, 2010 Houston, TX
A Look Into Hebrews 8 William Hewitt January 23, 2010 Chicago, IL