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Title Speaker Datesort ascending Congregation(s) Length
Are You "perfect?" John Elliott December 6, 2008 Phoenix East, AZ
Lessons from Testing Trucks Larry Walker December 1, 2008 Bend, OR
Essentials of Salvation Donald Ward November 29, 2008 Houston, TX
Thanks to God for All Things Melvin Parks November 29, 2008 Greensboro, NC
Healing, Part 1: Your Responsibility in Healing Ed Dowd November 29, 2008 Phoenix East, AZ
Ten Commandments Series: Sixth Commandment Randy Schreiber November 27, 2008 Phoenix Northwest, AZ
A God-Centered World View Donald Ward November 22, 2008 Houston, TX
Doctrine of Resurrections Dan Good November 22, 2008 Greensboro, NC
Thinking and Thanking Robin Webber November 22, 2008 San Diego, CA
God's Gifts to Us Roy Holladay November 22, 2008 Chattanooga, TN
The Prophecy of Daniel 10 Darris McNeely November 22, 2008 Ft. Wayne, IN
Envision Yourself in the Kingdom of God Roger Foster November 22, 2008 Spokane, WA
Doctrine #6, Eternal Judgment, Part 1 Randy Schreiber November 22, 2008 Phoenix Northwest, AZ
Truth or Consequences John Elliott November 22, 2008 Phoenix East, AZ
Ten Commandments Series: Seventh Commandment Randy Schreiber November 20, 2008 Phoenix Northwest, AZ
Your World View Donald Ward November 15, 2008 Houston, TX
Doctrine and Fundamental Beliefs, Part 1: Introduction Roy Holladay November 15, 2008 Chattanooga, TN
Honor the King John Miller November 15, 2008 North Canton, OH
Ten Commandments Series: Eighth Commandment Randy Schreiber November 13, 2008 Phoenix Northwest, AZ
Let's Look into the Future Jim Ford November 8, 2008 Albuquerque, NM