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Title Speaker Date Congregation(s) Length
Making Disciples: A Whole Church Effort Robert Dick September 10, 2007 Cincinnati East, OH; Chattanooga, TN
Obedience and Humility Roy Holladay September 8, 2007 Chattanooga, TN
The Importance of God's Holy Days Darris McNeely September 8, 2007 Ft. Wayne, IN
Are You the Light? John Elliott September 8, 2007 Phoenix East, AZ
How Do We Know to Keep God's Holy Days? Roy Holladay September 1, 2007 Chattanooga, TN
Your Spiritual Infrastructure Darris McNeely September 1, 2007 Indianapolis, IN
The Four Holy Days of the Seventh Month Bob Fahey September 1, 2007 Chicago, IL
God Speaks to Us, Part 2 Randy Schreiber September 1, 2007 Albuquerque, NM
Growing in Grace and Knowledge David Cobb August 25, 2007 Indianapolis, IN
Book of James, Part 1: James 1:10-27 Roy Holladay August 18, 2007 Chattanooga, TN
Book of James, Part 2: James 2:1-13 Roy Holladay August 18, 2007 Chattanooga, TN
God's Pure Language Ed Dowd August 18, 2007 Phoenix East, AZ
Of Such Is the Kingdom of God Jeff Richards August 11, 2007 Bend, OR
Works and Grace Roy Holladay August 11, 2007 Chattanooga, TN
Repentance Scott Moss August 11, 2007 Ft. Wayne, IN
The Laying on of Hands Jim Ford August 11, 2007 Albuquerque, NM
Keeping God Relevant Robert Dick August 11, 2007 Cincinnati East, OH
The Plan or the Package John Elliott August 11, 2007 Cincinnati East, OH
The Plan or the Package? John Elliott August 11, 2007 Phoenix East, AZ
The Place of Safety Bill Cowan August 4, 2007 Chattanooga, TN