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Title Speaker Date Congregation(s) Length
Seven Significant Signs of Jesus' Power Frank McCrady August 11, 2012 Dayton, OH
Restoration and Salvation Mark Welch August 11, 2012 Tulsa, OK
How To Have Spiritual Prayer Bill Cowan August 11, 2012 Chattanooga, TN
Fruits of the Spirit, Part 4: Longsuffering Gary Petty August 11, 2012 San Antonio, TX
Running the Race to Obtain the Prize William Bradford August 11, 2012 Chicago, IL
Measuring Up Dirk Trone August 11, 2012 Sacramento, CA
Lessons From the Life of Samson Robin Webber August 11, 2012 San Diego, CA
The Festival Tithe Gary Smith August 11, 2012 Houston, TX
So, What's Your Excuse? Ken Martin August 11, 2012 Columbus, GA; Central Georgia
A New Heart Transplant Roy Jackson August 11, 2012 Northwest Arkansas
Seek God Mark Rorem August 11, 2012 San Francisco Bay Area, CA
Isaiah 40 Chuck Zimmerman August 11, 2012 Tampa, FL; St. Petersburg, FL
Bible Study: Revelation 2 and Revelation 3 John McClain, Randy Stiver August 11, 2012 Cincinnati East, OH
Bible Study: Revelation 1 and Revelation 2 John McClain, Randy Stiver August 8, 2012 Cincinnati East, OH
How Can We Come to Know and Understand God’s Will Better? John Massie August 4, 2012 Lewistown, PA
Events of Impact Ralph Redline August 4, 2012 Lawton, OK
The Millineum Fantasy Kevin Call August 4, 2012 Prestonsburg, KY
Profiles of Courage Mike Miller August 4, 2012 Phoenix East, AZ
Prophecy, Part 2: Not One Stone Robin Webber August 4, 2012 Los Angeles, CA
Understanding Paul's Writings, Part 3 Randy Schreiber August 4, 2012 Albuquerque, NM