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Title Speaker Date Congregation(s) Length
The Process of Salvation, Part 1 Ralph Helge December 5, 2009 Los Angeles, CA
Sex, Money and Power Scott Delamater December 5, 2009 Phoenix East, AZ
The Same Yesterday, Today and Forever Paul Kieffer December 5, 2009 Indianapolis, IN
How Lovely Are Thy Dwellings Darris McNeely December 5, 2009 Indianapolis, IN
Reap What You Sow Braden Veller December 5, 2009 St. Petersburg, FL
Reaping and Sowing Braden Veller December 5, 2009 Tampa, FL
God's Seed Roy Holladay December 5, 2009 Cincinnati East, OH
Good, Evil and Life: The Journey God Allows Galen Morrison December 5, 2009 Wisconsin Dells, WI
A Heart of a Servant Is Compassion Joe Camerata December 5, 2009 Phoenix Northwest, AZ
I Am a Sinner John Elliott December 5, 2009 Phoenix East, AZ
Fundamental Beliefs, Part 19: The Resurrections Scott Moss December 5, 2009 Ft. Wayne, IN
Coping with the Magic of Christmas Jeff Richards November 28, 2009 Bend, OR
Foundation of Faith John White November 28, 2009 Columbus, OH
Direct My Path John Massie November 28, 2009 Lewistown, PA
Answering the Great Questions of Life Donald Ward November 28, 2009 Houston, TX
Godliness and Contentment Gary Smith November 28, 2009 Portsmouth, OH
God's Promises Kevin Call November 28, 2009 Prestonsburg, KY
The Bible Through the Eyes of a Fifth-Grader Dennis Morgan November 28, 2009 Burlington, WA
Unanswered Questions Rex Spears November 28, 2009 San Francisco Bay Area, CA
Why Does God Allow Us to Suffer? Roy Holladay November 28, 2009 Rome, GA