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Title Speaker Date Congregation(s) Length
That You May Learn to Fear the Lord Always Robin Webber September 4, 2010 San Diego, CA
Critical Thinking, Part 2 Randy Schreiber September 4, 2010 Albuquerque, NM; Phoenix East, AZ
Yes We Can Braden Veller September 4, 2010 Tampa, FL
The Final Measuring Tim Franke September 4, 2010 Nashville, TN
Yes You Can Braden Veller September 4, 2010 St. Petersburg, FL
The Three Resurrections Gordon Brauchla September 4, 2010 Ft. Wayne, IN
Letting God Bless You W. Fred Crow September 4, 2010 San Francisco Bay Area, CA
Agape Love: Part 5 Gary Petty September 4, 2010 San Antonio, TX
Are You a God-Conscious Person? Ken Martin September 4, 2010 Columbus, GA; Macon, GA
Root of Bitterness Nathan Ekama September 4, 2010 Phoenix East, AZ
God's Perfect Marriage Formula Ed Dowd September 4, 2010 Wichita, KS
A Cure For Discouragement? Steve Myers August 30, 2010 Cincinnati East, OH
The Grace of God Donald Ward August 28, 2010 Houston, TX
Rulership Dave Hale August 28, 2010 Denver, CO
The Leadership Legacy of God's Church Randy Stiver August 28, 2010 Columbus, OH
Creative Builders in God's Family Michael DeSouto August 28, 2010 Albuquerque, NM
How Satan Will Try and Destroy the Church Roy Holladay August 28, 2010 Chattanooga, TN
If Anyone Has Ears to Hear, Let Him Hear Gary Smith August 28, 2010 Portsmouth, OH
Building Holiness Hansel New August 28, 2010 Central Oregon
The Old Testament is Relevant Today Ralph Helge August 28, 2010 Los Angeles, CA