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Three Questions for God, Part 5: Do You Care? Meeting Physical Needs Fred Whitlark November 1, 2014 Dallas, TX
Spiritual Lion Hunters Randy Stiver November 20, 2010 Columbus, OH
Five of God's Greatest Promises Denny Luker August 11, 2012 East Texas
Grace in Action: Jesus Christ’s Example Scott Ashley December 22, 2018 Colorado Springs, CO; Denver, CO
What Is God Like? Dan Taylor July 16, 2016 Honolulu, HI; San Francisco Bay Area, CA; Petaluma, CA
Are We Dedicated Jorge de Campos June 2, 2018 Lexington, KY
For the Time Will Come Shawn Cortelyou June 13, 2020 Elkhart, IN; Munster, IN
The Book of Jeremiah - Part 5: Bible Study Donald Ward January 6, 2021 East Texas
The Sin of Ingratitude Ken Martin November 23, 2013 Columbus, GA; Macon, GA
Lessons from an Altar Hansel New August 11, 2012 Central Oregon; Eureka, CA
Peace and Heaping Coals Bruce Anderson June 4, 2011 Twin Cities, MN
The Feast of Trumpets Donald Ward September 17, 2012 East Texas
God's Attributes: How We See God and How God Sees Us Jon C. Atkinson August 3, 2019 Burlington, WA
How Do We Keep the Sabbath Holy? Randy Stiver August 29, 2015 North Canton, OH
Know Weapons of Doctrinal War Randy Stiver January 24, 2015 Wheeling, WV
Wait on the Lord Brian Shaw April 21, 2014 Twin Cities, MN
What Is Behind the Curtain! Shawn Cortelyou September 28, 2010 Steamboat Springs, Colorado 2010
The Four Principal Themes of Trumpets Donald Ward September 25, 2014 East Texas
The End Times Donald Ward July 5, 2014 East Texas
Modeling Joseph Mark Regoord February 8, 2014 Elmira, NY