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Bible Study Helps Seminar Larry Walker September 24, 2013 Bend, Oregon 2013
The Sermon on the Mount, Part 13: Matthew 6:19-34 Gary Smith January 19, 2013 Houston, TX
Lessons From 75 Years Rex Spears August 10, 2013 San Francisco Bay Area, CA
Making Ready for a Refresher Shannon Lucas May 24, 2014 East Texas
Selection of a Priest: Past, Present and Future Dael Baughman April 19, 2014 East Texas
Proof of God in the Face of the New Atheism Darris McNeely July 7, 2007 Ft. Wayne, IN
On Faith, Part 2: Five Elements of Enduring Faith John Elliott January 26, 2008 Phoenix East, AZ
The Incarnation of Jesus Christ Don Hooser August 17, 2019 Dallas, TX
Private Hearts, Public Parts Sam Sweat April 1, 2013 Dallas, TX
Unity of the Brethren Frank McCrady January 29, 2011 Dayton, OH
The Ten Commandments of Bible Study Bill Cowan August 23, 2008 Chattanooga, TN
Our Foundation for the Work of God Ron Davenport October 27, 2018 Huntsville, AL
Why We Keep the Holy Days, Part 2 Tom M Damour September 7, 2013 Lubbock, TX
Why Is This God's Church? Jim Tuck May 30, 2015 San Francisco Bay Area, CA
The Festivals of God: Ucg Fundamental Beliefs Dan Dowd January 25, 2014 Oshkosh, WI; Milwaukee, WI
Keys to Searching for God's Truth Donald Ward January 13, 2018 East Texas
Lessons From the Life of Solomon Bill Cagle June 22, 2013 Northwest Arkansas; Tulsa, OK
The Church and the Work of God Mitchell Knapp December 29, 2012 Sioux Falls, SD; Omaha, NE; Des Moines, IA; Watertown, SD
Doctrine in the Psalms Randy Stiver February 20, 2016 Wheeling, WV; North Canton, OH
The End, Part 2: Survival of God's Church John Elliott August 13, 2011 Yuma, AZ; Show Low, AZ; Phoenix East, AZ