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Am I an Agent of Truth? John Elliott January 2, 2010 Phoenix East, AZ
The Problem of Prayer - Part 2: the Effective Prayer Jorge de Campos February 11, 2017 Lexington, KY
Come out of the World Part 2 of 4: Countercultures of Darkness Rod Foster July 22, 2017 San Antonio, TX
Do You Fear or Love God? Jim Tuck March 2, 2019 Phoenix East, AZ
Lights in the Sky and Little Green Men David Nunn January 2, 2016 Lawton, OK
By This We Know: 1 John 4:1-3 Brian Shaw December 24, 2016 Eau Claire, WI
The Throne of David Continues: When Jesus Returns, He Will Sit on the Throne of His Father David, What Does This Mean? Tom Robinson July 14, 2018 Columbia - Fulton, MO
She Did What She Could Randy Urwiller April 3, 2021 East Texas
12 Steps to Overcoming Melvin Rhodes December 2, 2006 Cincinnati East, OH
Contentment Pete McNair July 28, 2012 Twin Cities, MN
Stand Still and See the Salvation of God Steve Buchanan April 23, 2016 El Paso, TX; Sierra Vista, AZ; Tucson, AZ
Enduring to the End Howard Baker January 31, 2015 East Texas
Promises Michael Arritt December 11, 2010 Portsmouth, OH
God’s Church: The Mother of Us All Randy Stiver July 23, 2016 North Canton, OH
The King for All People David Nunn November 14, 2020 Oklahoma City, OK
What Is Jacob's Trouble? Steve Buchanan August 21, 2021 El Paso, TX; Sierra Vista, AZ; Tucson, AZ
Message to the Church Donald Ward September 12, 2009 Houston, TX
Modern Gnosticism: Are You in the Know Rex Sexton January 2, 2016 Portland, OR
Maintaining Our Health Frank Dunkle July 14, 2012 Portsmouth, OH
Faith Towards God: Going on to Perfection, Part 3 Dan Dowd June 2, 2018 Milwaukee, WI