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How You Can Tell Which Laws in the Bible to Keep Mario Seiglie December 31, 2011 Tulsa, OK
Go to Your Brother, Part 2 Mark Welch January 31, 2016 Dallas, TX
I Am the Vine, You Are the Branches John Miller January 4, 2014 North Canton, OH
Why Does the Church of God Use the Hebrew Calendar? Part 2 Jorge de Campos May 9, 2015 Cincinnati East, OH
Being Committed Jim Mann April 21, 2014 Northwest Arkansas; Tulsa, OK
Matthew 24 Revisited, Part 3 Randy Schreiber September 15, 2012 Albuquerque, NM
Are We Listening to God? Tom M Damour April 1, 2013 Lubbock, TX
Spiritual Lessons from Relocating Mark Welch July 5, 2014 Oklahoma City, OK
Humanity Stan Hopper November 14, 2015 Tulsa, OK
Christ's Suffering Michael Grovak April 25, 2011 Indianapolis, IN
Jekyll and Hyde Christians Braden Veller April 30, 2016 St. Petersburg, FL; Tallahassee, FL
The Making of a True Disciple Jim Tuck August 17, 2013 San Francisco Bay Area, CA; San Jose, CA
Wisdom Randy Urwiller September 3, 2016 East Texas
Events of the 7th Trump Donald Ward October 8, 2016 East Texas
Do You Fear God? Len Martin November 19, 2016 Dayton, OH
Beyond Today John Miller January 16, 2016 North Canton, OH
John 6 and Eating Unleavened Bread Gary Smith April 11, 2017 Houston, TX
The Bad Fruit of Anger Mark Sappington June 21, 2014 Houston, TX
Pentecost: Salvation to the Gentiles Donald Ward May 31, 2009 Houston, TX
Bread of Affliction: What Does It Mean to Us? Larry Walker April 21, 2014 Central Oregon