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Why I Like Abominations Mark Graham November 28, 2015 Cleveland, OH
God's Will for Us Justin Massie March 24, 2018 Bethlehem, PA
God's Holy Spirit Kirk Kester June 4, 2017 Elmira, NY
Stay Prayerful Bryan Efimov October 6, 2018 Dallas, TX
Inside the Lord's Prayer Bill Wassner October 15, 2016 Orange County, CA
Why Are You Here? Aaron Booth October 6, 2012 Jekyll Island, Georgia 2012
We Will Serve the Lord Boyce N. Berkel April 13, 2012 Tampa, FL
Covetousness Mark Regoord January 11, 2020 Anchorage, AK
Being Thankful Mark Smith November 7, 2015 Northwest Arkansas
Lessons from Gideon Tom Charles November 20, 2010 Lewistown, PA
Immortal Soul? Francis Trevor Marrast April 15, 2017 New Jersey - North; New York City, NY
God's Garden Ron Holloway May 20, 2018 Buffalo, NY
How Do You Understand Forgiveness? Richard i Close Sr December 7, 2019 Buffalo, NY
The Mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven Bill Wassner July 18, 2020 Orange County, CA
The Order of Melchizedek: Its Importance to the Whole World brian hall January 16, 2021 Columbus, GA; Macon, GA
Training for Battle Grady M. Selph November 9, 2013 Columbus, GA; Macon, GA
The Reason for Parables Mark Skapura December 24, 2016 Cleveland, OH
The Origins of the Immortal Soul Jon Davies August 1, 2015 Buford, GA
Two Prominent Apostles in Christianity Johnnie Lambert January 23, 2016 Elmira, NY; Buffalo, NY
How to Live a Fulfilling Life Kent Spiry February 13, 2021 Hartford, CT