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Biblical Power Tool—faith Michael A Snyder January 25, 2020 Indianapolis, IN
Divine Longsuffering Lacy A. Mayes November 14, 2020 Charlotte, NC; Columbia, SC; Hickory, NC
The Man of Lamancha - to See the World as It Should Be, and Not as It Is Bryant Lambert September 21, 2013 Jamaica 2013
Walking With God Gives True Inner Peace Ray Roberts December 12, 2020 Orange County, CA
The Ephesian Complacency Ryan Shallenberger January 2, 2021 Atlanta, GA; Buford, GA
The Walking Dead James G. Calantjis August 12, 2017 New Jersey - North; New York City, NY
The Things That Will Remain David Cobb October 8, 2017 Lake Junaluska, North Carolina 2017
Halloween Greg Sanny October 27, 2018 Northwest Arkansas
Why Does God Harden People's Hearts? Ray Clore August 29, 2020 Cincinnati East, OH
Who Did You Come From? Scott Brummett January 8, 2011 Lewistown, PA
The One-of-a-Kind King Randy Martens December 19, 2020 Lubbock, TX
Temporary Dwellings Gary Burke September 15, 2018 Lubbock, TX
That Same Spiritual Drink Charlie Hart January 26, 2019 Manhattan, NY; New Jersey - North; New York City, NY
Old Age… What For? David Updegraff January 4, 2020 Orange County, CA
How to Walk in the Spirit Maduawuchi Nkwocha August 19, 2017 New Jersey - North; New York City, NY
Eternity in Their Hearts Andy McClain October 24, 2016 Panama City Beach, Florida 2016
Encouraging a Pure and Undefiled Religion Ray Roberts June 20, 2020 Orange County, CA
Watchers, Nephilim, and Rock Hard Abs Kelly Irvin April 5, 2014 Northwest Arkansas
Criticism Tom Charles January 2, 2010 Lewistown, PA
River of Death Dave Teague June 21, 2014 Elmira, NY