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Are We Prepared? Rick Matthews December 30, 2017 Burlington, WA
Do You Know God as Your Deliverer? John Murphy July 4, 2020 Seattle, WA
Are You Watching for the Right Things? Dan Apartian January 23, 2021 Central Illinois
Three Lessons From the Ponderosa Pine Andy McClain October 9, 2021 Indianapolis, IN
Treat Like Royalty Ronald Benjamin Bell October 18, 2016 Buffalo, NY
Our Independence Day Robert (Bob) Fenwick July 4, 2009 Phoenix East, AZ
Sheep: How Do They Represent God's People? Tim Charles August 26, 2017 Lewistown, PA
Our Rock, Fortress, and Shield: Our Shepherd Anthony Scott October 20, 2018 Northwest Arkansas
God's Metaphors Ewin Barnett October 17, 2015 Columbia - Fulton, MO
Keep Asking for the Holy Spirit Dave Hall June 4, 2016 Redlands, CA
Offer Your Bodies as a Living Sacrifice Joe Greytock April 1, 2017 Elmira, NY
The Sacrifice of Mary Lawrence Merritt December 22, 2018 Seattle, WA
Sorting out Good and Evil in Today's Culture Ray Clore July 6, 2019 Cincinnati East, OH
Fear Raymond Kaping September 5, 2020 Lawton, OK
Ears to Hear Duane Phelps April 22, 2013 Cincinnati East, OH
Stop. Think. Speak. Lee Massie November 30, 2013 Lewistown, PA
Appropriate Response to Why We Dont Keep Christmas Vince Thompson December 5, 2015 Austin, TX
Is It Gossip? 3 Simple Questions to Keep You in the Clear Jonathan Magee February 9, 2019 Cincinnati East, OH
Being Jonah Greg Baker January 5, 2019 Dallas, TX
Grudgitis: A Spiritual Disease Ken Pulliam November 12, 2012 Cincinnati East, OH