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Out of the Mouth of Babes Ray Clore March 2, 2019 Cincinnati East, OH
Sabbath Intent Trenton Carlson February 23, 2019 Seattle, WA
First Fruits: the "early Adopters" and "influencers" Kevin Powell October 20, 2019 Steamboat Springs, Colorado 2019
Let God Be Your Father David Jones June 18, 2011 East Texas
The Faith Factor Mike Douthett February 2, 2019 Orange County, CA
Life: A Learning Experience enrique vidal August 29, 2020 Orange County, CA
Loving God, Loving Truth Roy Jackson January 31, 2015 Northwest Arkansas
The Benefits of Praise John Murphy August 15, 2015 Seattle, WA
The Deaf Shall Hear Kelly Irvin April 20, 2019 Northwest Arkansas
Living a Fearless Life Tim McQuoid March 7, 2020 Orange County, CA
The Helper Roy Fouch May 30, 2020 Cincinnati East, OH
And I Tell You... J Leslie Booth February 20, 2021 Indianapolis, IN
Wisdom: Living Skillfully Nicholas Bizic July 30, 2016 Cincinnati East, OH
The Glory of God Roberto Parada July 19, 2014 Seattle, WA
It Is Okay to Be a Child John Murphy October 17, 2015 Seattle, WA
Day of Atonement Edwin van Pelt September 2, 2017 Buffalo, NY; Elmira, NY
Live in the Spirit - What Does That Look Like? Tim Hendrickson October 13, 2018 Seattle, WA
My Guardian Angel Joe Jacoby December 29, 2018 Seattle, WA
Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done David Blue October 4, 2020 St. George, Utah 2020
What Is Sin? John McClain March 28, 2021 Cincinnati East, OH