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The End From the Beginning Gregory Czech November 18, 2006 Spokane, WA
Strangers and Pilgrims Roy Waterhouse September 28, 2007 Jekyll Island, Georgia 2007
Love, Wendy's Style Mike Cook January 26, 2019 Cincinnati North, OH
Discerning the Signs of the Times John LaBissoniere September 28, 2019 London, KY
The Coming Change in the World Order Rick Shabi January 18, 2020 Jacksonville, FL
Trust Your Sword! Randy Schreiber April 15, 2020 Northern Arizona; Phoenix East, AZ
Claiming the Promises of God David Meidinger January 1, 2021 Northern Arizona; Phoenix East, AZ
What Is Our Current Condition? Jim Ford December 13, 2008 Albuquerque, NM
Spiritual ADD Steve Myers January 9, 2016 Cincinnati East, OH
The 8th Commandment - Do Not Steal: Is Private Property Good or Bad? Craig Scott January 16, 2016 Raleigh, NC; Greensboro, NC
How Spiritually Minded Are We? Donald Ward August 6, 2011 East Texas
What Does the Bible Really Say About Heaven? Robin Webber August 20, 2005 San Diego, CA
Surviving the Valley of the Shadow of Death Gary Smith July 10, 2010 Portsmouth, OH
Worthy for Passover? Howard Davis March 15, 2014 New York City, NY
Faith Barry Grady April 29, 2017 Dayton, OH
Your First Love Gary Smith January 27, 2018 Houston, TX
The Five Reasons for Christ's First Coming Robert Dick March 3, 2018 East Texas
What Is Faith - Part 1 David D Schreiber February 2, 2019 La Crosse, WI
The Anchor of a Christian Life Brian Shaw March 28, 2021 Twin Cities, MN
The Life of Abraham - Part 5: The Conclusion of His Formative Years Steven Shafer June 12, 2021 Freeland, MI