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Title Speaker Datesort ascending Congregation(s) Length
The Last Great Day: That Great Family Reunion John Miller July 30, 2011 Cincinnati East, OH
Getting a Grip on Our Life Stan Martin July 30, 2011 Cincinnati East, OH; Kingsport, TN; Knoxville, TN; London, KY
Fundamental Beliefs: Sabbath Keeping Ray Wright July 30, 2011 Dallas, TX
The Apple of God's Eye Donald Ward July 30, 2011 Houston, TX
Seeking After Godly Success Melvin Parks July 30, 2011 Charlotte, NC
Are You Deception-Proof? David Mills July 30, 2011 Greensboro, NC
Healing the Broken Heart Jim Rogers July 30, 2011 Albuquerque, NM
Survey of the Gospels, Part 3: Birth of Christ Greg Thomas July 30, 2011 Cleveland, OH
Sabbath Time Ed Dowd July 30, 2011 Wichita, KS
A Proper View of Prophecy Gordon Hannaway July 30, 2011 Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Honor Thy Father and Mother Russell Shelton July 30, 2011 Nashville, TN
Prophetic Trends of the 21st Century Steve Buchanan July 30, 2011 Tucson, AZ
Aaron Ben Amram Vernon Hargrove July 30, 2011 Columbus, OH
The Chief Shepherd Braden Veller July 30, 2011 Tampa, FL
Healing, Part 2: What the Bible Says Ralph Helge July 30, 2011 Los Angeles, CA
Preparing for the Feast of Tabernacles Joe Dobson July 30, 2011 Kansas City
Works of the Flesh Tom C. Randle July 30, 2011 Twin Cities, MN
What Can Psalm 23 Mean to You? Braden Veller July 30, 2011 St. Petersburg, FL
Forsake Me Not William Hewitt July 30, 2011 Chicago, IL
Keep the Sabbath Holy and Make It a Delight Jim Tuck July 30, 2011 San Francisco Bay Area, CA