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Filling the Void in Our Lives Rick Shabi April 7, 2018 Jacksonville, FL
Community Rick Shabi August 3, 2019 Orlando, FL
The Second Resurrection: The Missing Piece of the Puzzle Don Hooser June 11, 2011 Dallas, TX; East Texas
Joseph, Part 3 Gary Smith November 22, 2014 Houston, TX
The Last Trumpets Chuck Zimmerman September 14, 2015 St. Petersburg, FL
Bearing the Cross of Christ Robin Webber July 16, 2011 San Diego, CA
Current Events and Prophecy Part 4: Babylonian System Rex Sexton August 6, 2016 Portland, OR
Doctrine of the Resurrection Nelson Arnold August 9, 2014 Terre Haute, IN
Why Does God Allow Evil? Johnnie Lambert April 20, 2013 Buffalo, NY
Focus on the Seventh Day of Unleavened Bread Johnnie Lambert April 10, 2015 Elmira, NY; Buffalo, NY
Suicide Dan Dowd July 15, 2017 Milwaukee, WI
Global Perception of Man's Journey Victor Kubik October 9, 2014 Panama City Beach, Florida 2014
How God's Word Will Change the World Roger Foster October 18, 2008 Kerrville, Texas 2008
The Sabbath After Christ Returns Rick Shabi September 15, 2018 Orlando, FL
Our Main Objective and Focus in Life Raymond Wright February 9, 2019 Dallas, TX
God Cares for Us Stan Hopper May 25, 2019 Tulsa, OK
Sojourners and Ambassadors for the Kingdom of God Mark Welch September 29, 2010 Cincinnati East, OH
What Is the Will of God? Harvey Wierenga June 11, 2016 Grand Rapids, MI; Kalamazoo, MI
Overcome With Unleavened Sincerity and Truth Jim Tuck April 23, 2016 San Francisco Bay Area, CA
Why the Kingdom of God Is Needed Now Russ DeVilbiss September 10, 2011 Milwaukee, WI