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Good Intentions: Must Be Supported by God’s Word

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Good Intentions

Must be Supported by God’s Word

MP3 Audio (32.53 MB)


Good Intentions: Must Be Supported by God’s Word

MP3 Audio (32.53 MB)

God gives specific instructions about how to draw near to Him. The council of men in authority does not constitute Reality just because they are in human authority.Faithlessness can also take our life. Good intentions must be supported in OUR intentions by God’s Word.

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  • KarahanD
    I have always felt slightly sorry for Uzza, wondering why God killed him but your explanation has opened my understanding and I have for some time began to realise that God wants me to obey ALL His Words, Matt 4:4. We do tend to forget the little things that are so important to Him and important for us to continue living. Obedience and faithfulness to our Great God is His due for the wonderful gift of life that our Lord Jesus Christ has given to us called at this time. Thank you Randy for your simple and easy delivery of the Word and direct way of speaking as this is what we sorely need in these end times.
  • Randy D'Alessandro
    Hello Debra Thank you for your comments. It is good to see your growth in understanding God's Word. All of us have so much to learn. It's good that God is so patient with all of us on so many issues! Randy D
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