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How to Defeat a Roaring Lion: With Your Bare Hands

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How to Defeat a Roaring Lion

With Your Bare Hands

MP3 Audio (12.62 MB)


How to Defeat a Roaring Lion: With Your Bare Hands

MP3 Audio (12.62 MB)

To defeat a lion we need to have a good plan and we need some help. There are spiritual parallels to this our Christian life.


  • kelley
    Great speaker! Thanks :D
  • gonzolupe
    I am most grateful that there a video to accompany this message. I really enjoyed Jonathan's spunk as he gave this message. I found myself yelling "What about Samson!" at the beginning of the sermonette and was pleased with his covering of Samson. Enjoyed the message!
  • kristinetalbott
    I love this! I'm going to show my kids because it is such a useful piece of knowledge to carry around with you. Very memorable information, especially the part about standing your ground and not running, when that's all we want to do.
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