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Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy

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Keeping the Sabbath day Holy

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Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy

MP3 Audio (41.59 MB)

God's Sabbath day is full of deep meaning and was set aside as a sign between Him and His people. The Sabbath is to be taken seriously.


  • kimandtroy
    Thank you Kevin for the sermon, I needed it!!!
  • Kevin Call
    Your very welcome! Thank you for your kind words. Time does have a way of slipping by us all. I believe that it is very important to go back and take a look at the basics from time to time if nothing else, just to refresh our understanding. Have a great day!
  • ucgmember15
    Thank you for this sermon. Truly we all need to be refreshed on this subject . I know I do after 57 years in the church. Sincerely, Roni Weems La Grande OR.
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