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Title Speaker Date Congregation(s) Length
Occupy Till I Come Braden Veller June 18, 2022 Ocala, FL
7 Lessons From the Physical Temples William Bradford June 18, 2022 Chicago, IL
Developing Grace Bob Fahey June 18, 2022 Munster, IN
How We Should Judge – and Not Judge Steve Corley June 18, 2022 London, KY
Fitting in or Belonging? Mike Cook June 18, 2022 Cincinnati East, OH
Who Are You? Ron Barker June 18, 2022 Dayton, OH
Bible Study No 27 of Revelation: Rev 18 - Review of Who Is Babylon and Its Utter Destruction Jorge de Campos June 15, 2022 Lexington, KY
Signs of the People of God Scott Delamater June 14, 2022 Cincinnati East, OH
What Can We Learn From the Buzzard, the Bat, and the Bumblebee?" Joseph DeCapite June 11, 2022 Columbus, GA; Macon, GA
Is Our Inward Man Being Renewed Day by Day? David Mills June 11, 2022 Columbus, GA; Macon, GA
What Are the Times of the Gentiles Mario Seiglie June 11, 2022 Orange County, CA
God's Dealings With the Church, the Nation, and the World Bill Schutz June 11, 2022 Bakersfield, CA; Los Angeles, CA
Lessons for the Church Mike Douthett June 11, 2022 Orange County, CA
Making Progress or Making Excuses? Randy Urwiller June 11, 2022 East Texas
From Eternity to Eternity Mark Graham June 11, 2022 Cleveland, OH
A Day in the Life of Jesus Jerald Kliewer June 11, 2022 Lawton, OK
Stumbling Blocks Ethan Brummett June 11, 2022 Lewistown, PA
Are You Asleep? Rex Sexton June 11, 2022 Portland, OR
Finding Inner Peace in an Unsettled World Paul Moody June 11, 2022 Clearwater Valley, ID; Kennewick, WA; Kettle Falls, WA; Spokane, WA
The Power of Our Words Mark Regoord June 11, 2022 Buffalo, NY