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Peacemakers: Part 1: Principles of Peace

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Part 1: Principles of Peace

MP3 Audio (16.53 MB)


Peacemakers: Part 1: Principles of Peace

MP3 Audio (16.53 MB)

Those who will assist the King of Peace at His return, will be learning and practicing the way of peace in this age.

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  • Brian Shaw
    Thank you for your encouragement. I thought you might like to see the questions we discussed in the interactive study after part 2: 1. What aspects of Godly wisdom [James 3:17] & peacemaking [Ephesians 4:1-3, Philippians 2:1-4] did the following people of the Bible employ in resolving these conflicts? 1Sam 25:2-35 - Abigail intervenes between David and Nabal 1Kings 3:16-28 - Solomon and the two harlots Daniel 1:5-16 - Daniel and the steward assigned by the chief of the eunuchs 2. What aspects of Godly wisdom and peacemaking were missing in these Biblical examples of conflict? Gen 4 - Cain: What prevented Cain from making peace with Able 2Sam 15 - Absalom: Why did Absalom rebel against His father David? 2Sam 15:12 - Ahithophel: Why was David’s chief advisor disposed to join Absalom’s rebellion?
  • Northwest reader
    Wow, what a great message, so needed in this crazy world. I wish I were in your congregation for the interactive parts.
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