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Title Speaker Date Congregation(s) Length
Life's Not Fair-Deal With It W. Fred Crow April 15, 2023 San Jose, CA; Eureka, CA
Remember Your Rescuer W. Fred Crow April 6, 2023 Eureka, CA
Being One With God - the Perfect Relationship W. Fred Crow March 25, 2023 Eureka, CA
Preparation for Passover W. Fred Crow March 11, 2023 Eureka, CA
A Lie Is a Lie Is a Lie W. Fred Crow February 11, 2023 Eureka, CA
The Devil and Distractions W. Fred Crow January 28, 2023 Eureka, CA
A Fight for Our Mind W. Fred Crow December 17, 2022 Eureka, CA
In Everything Give Thanks W. Fred Crow November 5, 2022 Eureka, CA
Fasting: Atonement and Beyond W. Fred Crow October 1, 2022 Eureka, CA
Trumpeting the Rescue W. Fred Crow September 26, 2022 Eureka, CA
The Hallmark of a Christian W. Fred Crow September 17, 2022 Eureka, CA
Finish the Race! W. Fred Crow August 6, 2022 Eureka, CA
Will the Son of Man Find Faith? W. Fred Crow July 16, 2022 Eureka, CA
Armageddon Revealed W. Fred Crow July 2, 2022 Eureka, CA
Biblically Sound Decision Making Lud Kiramidjian June 4, 2022 Eureka, CA
Who You Wearing? James J Malizia May 21, 2022 Eureka, CA
Unleavened Bread and the Resurrection W. Fred Crow April 16, 2022 Eureka, CA
Why Examine Yourself? Tom Meece April 2, 2022 Eureka, CA
Behold and Examine W. Fred Crow April 2, 2022 Eureka, CA
Know That God Knows W. Fred Crow March 19, 2022 Eureka, CA