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Title Speaker Date Congregation(s) Length
Godly Marriage and It's Blessings Tom Charles June 22, 2024 Lewistown, PA
Pentecost and the Giving of the Ten Commandments John Massie June 16, 2024 Lehigh Valley, PA; Lewistown, PA; York, PA
A Shadow of Things to Come Bart Bornhorst June 16, 2024 Lehigh Valley, PA; Lewistown, PA; York, PA
Husbands and Wives in Biblical Marriage Scott Brummett May 25, 2024 Lewistown, PA
God's Answer to Anxiety Tom Charles May 11, 2024 Lewistown, PA
Effective Prayer John Massie April 27, 2024 Lewistown, PA
Resurrection-Why is it so Important Robert Zeigler April 20, 2024 Lewistown, PA
Jesus the Savior From Sin John Massie April 13, 2024 Lewistown, PA
God's Compassion Tom Charles March 16, 2024 Lewistown, PA
The First Three Beattitudes John Massie March 2, 2024 Lewistown, PA
Count the Cost Scott Brummett February 3, 2024 Lewistown, PA
A Servant of God Tom Charles January 27, 2024 Lewistown, PA
Psalms 119 John Massie January 13, 2024 Lewistown, PA
Eight Powerful Ways to Stay Positive Robert Zeigler December 16, 2023 Lewistown, PA
Sabbath Our Day of Freedom Scott Brummett October 21, 2023 Lewistown, PA
The Two Baskets of Figs John Massie June 3, 2023 Lewistown, PA
Overview of the Events Between the Crucifixion and Pentecost Tom Charles May 27, 2023 Lewistown, PA
The Faithfulness of Zadok John Massie May 13, 2023 Lewistown, PA
Three Attributes Before Passover and Unleavened Bread Robert Zeigler April 22, 2023 Lewistown, PA
What the Lord Did for Me Bart Bornhorst April 12, 2023 Lehigh Valley, PA; Lewistown, PA; York, PA