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Title Speaker Date Congregation(s) Length
Remembering Christ Death Gene Taber March 13, 2021 Yuma, AZ
The Spirituality of Passover and Unleavened Bread Phillip Edwards, Phillip Edward March 6, 2021 Yuma, AZ
Sin Randy Love February 27, 2021 Yuma, AZ
Beyond Judges Gene Taber February 20, 2021 Yuma, AZ
“worthiness” Phillip Edwards February 15, 2021 Yuma, AZ
Where Do We Go From Here? Dan McGee February 13, 2021 Yuma, AZ
Living the Gospel Stephen Kennedy February 6, 2021 Yuma, AZ
Encouragement in Perilous Times Bob Carlisle February 6, 2021 Yuma, AZ
Cleansed, Clothed and Crowned Randy Love January 30, 2021 Yuma, AZ
The New Covenant and the Law! Joe Camerata January 23, 2021 Yuma, AZ
Claiming the Promises of God David Meidinger January 16, 2021 Yuma, AZ
What Not to Do With God's Spirit Bob Carlisle February 22, 2020 Yuma, AZ
Judaism: Truth or Deception Stephen Kennedy February 22, 2020 Yuma, AZ
Can I Be Confident That God Hears My Prayers Brent Curtis February 15, 2020 Yuma, AZ
A Prophet Like Moses Dave Bruno February 15, 2020 Yuma, AZ
Failure: Friend or Foe? Jim Koller February 1, 2020 Yuma, AZ
A Child of God Dan McGee January 18, 2020 Yuma, AZ
Grace Trumps Judgment Gene Taber January 4, 2020 Yuma, AZ
Faith: Trusting God and the Men Who Serve Us Randy Love December 28, 2019 Yuma, AZ
Is Christmas Christian? Phillip Edwards December 21, 2019 Yuma, AZ