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Title Speaker Date Congregation(s) Length
Sacrifice and Reflection Andy Lee March 2, 2024 Cleveland, OH
The 3 Paradoxes of Jonah's Story Andy Lee January 20, 2024 Cleveland, OH
Elijah: A Prophet with a Nature Like Ours Andy Lee December 9, 2023 Cleveland, OH
Liberation from Evil Andy Lee September 25, 2023 Cleveland, OH
Parables of the Kingdom Andy Lee August 19, 2023 Cleveland, OH
For God and Country Andy Lee July 1, 2023 Cleveland, OH
To Glean or Not to Glean Andy Lee June 17, 2023 Cleveland, OH
The Return Trip From Emmaus Andy Lee May 20, 2023 Cleveland, OH
Never Forget to Remember and Always Remember to Forget Andy Lee April 6, 2023 Cleveland, OH
What We Do and What We Are Andy Lee February 25, 2023 Cleveland, OH
Fear of Failing Andy Lee January 21, 2023 Cleveland, OH
The Paradox of Time Andy Lee January 14, 2023 Salem, OR
The Paradox of Time Andy Lee December 10, 2022 Cleveland, OH
Who or What Is Antichrist? Andy Lee October 29, 2022 Cleveland, OH
Should You Be Like an Unjust Steward? Andy Lee September 10, 2022 Cleveland, OH
Adopted by God Andy Lee July 30, 2022 Cleveland, OH
Babylon, Jeremiah and You Andy Lee June 25, 2022 Cleveland, OH
Established and Anchored Christianity Andy Lee April 30, 2022 Cleveland, OH
Time, Treasure and Heart Andy Lee March 5, 2022 Cleveland, OH
Due Diligence, 2 Peter Chapter 1 Andy Lee January 22, 2022 Cleveland, OH