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Title Speaker Date Congregation(s) Length
Sojourners and Pilgrims Ben Light December 2, 2023 Salem, OR
Waiting For The Harvest Ben Light November 18, 2023 Salem, OR
Momentum Ben Light October 21, 2023 Salem, OR
Restoration of All Things Ben Light October 6, 2023 Estes Park, Colorado 2023
The Day of the Lord Ben Light September 16, 2023 Salem, OR
Buy From Me Gold Ben Light September 2, 2023 Salem, OR
Race To Your Crown Ben Light July 15, 2023 Salem, OR
Spiritual Leadership : A Critical Facet Ben Light June 17, 2023 Salem, OR
Lessons From the Omer Period: Part 2 Ben Light May 28, 2023 Salem, OR
Lessons From the Omer Period: Part 1 Ben Light May 20, 2023 Salem, OR
Drink Deeply Ben Light April 15, 2023 Salem, OR
I Am the Lord Who Brought You out of Egypt Ben Light April 12, 2023 Salem, OR
Change Is Inevitable Ben Light March 18, 2023 Salem, OR
The Key of G-Od Ben Light March 4, 2023 Salem, OR
Brand Ambassadors Ben Light February 18, 2023 Salem, OR
Anointing the Sick Ben Light February 4, 2023 Salem, OR
Good Vs. Godly: Does It Matter? Ben Light January 21, 2023 Salem, OR
Are You in the Zone? Ben Light January 7, 2023 Salem, OR; Deaf & Hard of Hearing
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Seventy "sevens" Ben Light November 26, 2022 Salem, OR
The Perfect Design of Deuteronomy 6 Ben Light November 19, 2022 Salem, OR