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Title Speaker Date Congregation(s) Length
Faith: Keeping on a Steady Course Jim Tuck February 24, 2024 Phoenix East, AZ
Pillars in God’s Temple Jim Tuck December 30, 2023 Phoenix East, AZ
Are you a Part of the Grumble Family? Jim Tuck November 18, 2023 Phoenix East, AZ
Behold, I Make All Things New Jim Tuck October 7, 2023 Estes Park, Colorado 2023
What Benefits Do Christians Have? Jim Tuck August 26, 2023 Phoenix East, AZ
Keys to unlock a Happy Marriage Part II Jim Tuck July 22, 2023 Phoenix East, AZ
Keys to a Successful Marriage Jim Tuck June 10, 2023 Phoenix East, AZ
Mystery of Iniquity Jim Tuck May 20, 2023 Phoenix East, AZ
The Hidden Meaning of the Passover Bread Jim Tuck March 11, 2023 Phoenix East, AZ
Angels & the Spirit World Jim Tuck December 17, 2022 Phoenix East, AZ
How Will Christ Govern in the World Tomorrow? Jim Tuck September 17, 2022 Phoenix East, AZ
How to Deal Wisely With Authority? Jim Tuck November 6, 2021 Phoenix East, AZ
What Are the Conditions of Answered Prayer? Jim Tuck June 15, 2021 Phoenix East, AZ
Leprosy and Being Thankful to God Jim Tuck November 21, 2020 Phoenix East, AZ
Leprosy and Being Thankful to God Jim Tuck November 21, 2020 Phoenix East, AZ
Babylon, the Greatest Reset, and Your Destiny: Fot Branson General Bible Study Jim Tuck October 8, 2020 Branson, Missouri 2020
We Pioneers of the Kingdom: Fot First Day Jim Tuck October 3, 2020 Branson, Missouri 2020
The Book of Life Jim Tuck July 18, 2020 Phoenix Northwest, AZ
How Will the Great Divisions of the World Be Healed? Jim Tuck June 27, 2020 Phoenix Northwest, AZ
Use This Crisis to Correct Your Spiritual Course Jim Tuck April 25, 2020 Petaluma, CA; San Francisco Bay Area, CA