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Title Speaker Date Congregation(s) Length
Fulfilling the Christian Calling Part 1 Rick Beam November 4, 2023 Rome, GA
Except You Become as a Little Child Rick Beam October 21, 2023 Rome, GA
When God Holds Court Rick Beam September 16, 2023 Rome, GA
Through A Glass Darkly Rick Beam September 2, 2023 Rome, GA
The Responsible Creation Rick Beam April 29, 2023 Rome, GA
The Faithful Creator Rick Beam April 15, 2023 Rome, GA
Where Is the Beef Rick Beam April 12, 2023 Rome, GA
Repentance Validates Baptism Rick Beam April 1, 2023 Rome, GA
Opportunity in Christ Comes Through Baptism Rick Beam March 18, 2023 Rome, GA
A Crooked and Perverse Nation Rick Beam March 4, 2023 Rome, GA
The Fullness of Jesus Christ Rick Beam February 18, 2023 Rome, GA
Proof of God and the Bible Part 2 Rick Beam February 4, 2023 Rome, GA
Proof of God and the Bible Part 1 Rick Beam January 21, 2023 Rome, GA
Priorities Rick Beam January 7, 2023 Rome, GA
Why I Don't Keep Christmas Rick Beam December 10, 2022 Rome, GA
Taking Our Parenting Cues From the Supreme Parent Rick Beam November 26, 2022 Rome, GA
Individual Accountability Rick Beam November 12, 2022 Rome, GA
Spiritual Confidence Before God Rick Beam October 29, 2022 Rome, GA
The Case for the 8th Day Rick Beam October 17, 2022 Panama City Beach, Florida 2022
The Golden Age Rick Beam October 10, 2022 Panama City Beach, Florida 2022