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The Blasphemy Against the Spirit Will Not Be Forgiven: Matthew 12:8 - 50

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The Blasphemy Against the Spirit will not be Forgiven

Matthew 12:8 - 50

MP3 Audio (18.03 MB)


The Blasphemy Against the Spirit Will Not Be Forgiven: Matthew 12:8 - 50

MP3 Audio (18.03 MB)

Excellent sermon about how we can Blaspheme God's Holy Spirit.

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  • Stephen Racz
    I thought this was a good well presented sermon pointing out the pitfalls we need to watch regarding this subject. My only criticism is that in presenting the matter in Matt 12 Mr de Campos appears to present the sin here as an isolated act or utterance. Perhaps he believes it is just that. However there does appear to be a context in Matt 12:33-37 following Christs statement which suggests this sin is an attitude and the expression of it. Interestingly in the original Greek in Mark 3:29 the word danger (ENOCHOS) also means bound by or held in the grip of. The ending of the verse in Greek renders it an eternal sin. People agonise that they may have committed this sin by an isolated act or utterance and although Mr de Campos makes the point from Hebrews that the sin is unforgivable because the person doesn't repent its not made clear if that same principle applies to Matt 12. So I felt more clarity and care was needed here if indeed Mr de Campos agrees with my perspective on the true nature of this sin. Apart from that much to exhort and encourage us with so many thanks
  • Jorge de Campos
    Hi Stephen. Thank you so much for the constructive points you mentioned. Indeed I should have made it clearer that 'out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks' (May 12:34) and that 'that' sin likewise proceeds from something deeper and ingrained. That is why they wanted to destroy Christ. That came from their intent, their heart. I will surely take that into consideration. Have a great Feast. In Christian love, Jorge de Campos
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