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The Prophetic Dream of the Great Image: Where Are We on the Statue of Daniel 2?

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The Prophetic Dream of the Great Image

Where are we on the statue of Daniel 2?

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The Prophetic Dream of the Great Image: Where Are We on the Statue of Daniel 2?

MP3 Audio (40.05 MB)

One of the Bible’s most famous prophecies is Nebuchadnezzar’s dream of the golden statue. Daniel though God’s help was able to tell the king what this dream meant: a prophecy of gentile world-ruling kingdoms through history. Where are we on the statue of Daniel 2?

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  • Randy Stiver
    Hello Becky, Thank you for you artificial intelligence observation. I'd not thought of that as an element of the prophesied theme of increasing strength in Daniel 2. The overall meaning of course is on one after the other of the great kingdoms conquering the land of Israel (and a lot of other lands too). In order they are the Babylonian, the Medo-Persian, the Grecian, the Roman. and finally God's Kingdom conquers all. The focus of the empires is that they rule mankind -- sometimes referred to as "the nations" or "all peoples", etc. God's focus is always on humanity and offering each one ultimately the opportunity tor repent, be baptized and later resurrected in to the Kingdom of God. However, metals get increasingly stronger--fiercer weapons-- which will very likely include in our era some level robotics. The robotics are not offered salvation, but are used by humans as advanced weapons during the great troubles at the end of this age. Thanks for your comment! R. Stiver
    I have been wondering for the past few years about the feet - mirey clay mixed with iron... In today's world A.I. is such a big deal, and man was made of clay. So perhaps the feet foretold of man/robot combinations in our future. It seems possible to me, when reading about how an image of the beast will talk and seem alive - it became even more clearly possible. I just wondered if anyone else saw it like that?
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