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What Christ's Government Will Look Like

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What Christ's Government Will Look Like

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What Christ's Government Will Look Like

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Government and authority are spiritual in nature. Eternity itself will have structure. Order, government, and authority are of the mind of God.


What Christ's Government Will Look Like

At the appointed time Christ will return to earth to establish and administer the rule of God on earth for a preliminary 1,000 year period. He will overthrow every established form of human government. Every humanly devised institution will have been judged... and at His return condemned to the garbage heap of the universe.

Monarchies, dictatorships, democracies, nations, states, economic systems will disappear... but that does not mean the beginning of a world without government, or without structure.

Government and authority are spiritual in nature. Eternity itself will have structure. Order, government, and authority are of the mind of God.

The 1,000 year millennial rule of Christ and His saints does not have a constitution laying out intricate levels of office and function. There will be offices... there will be functions... however, most important is that we understand the spirit of that coming government... and that we learn the outlook and attitudes that will make Christ's government work. Training future leaders is the present work of Jesus Christ working through: His spirit, His word, and His church.

You could think of God's Church as a shadow government... preparing and training to take over the responsibilities of leadership when the appointed time arrives. Our purpose is not to grab hold of power today, or tomorrow, but to follow the lead of Christ when He returns.

Authority in Christ’s Gov’t Radiates From A Central Source

Christ will be the supreme authority on earth Revelation 19:11-16. Christ will rule from Jerusalem Jeremiah 3:16-17. The earth will no longer have multiple centers of power vying for supremacy.

Authority Will Be Delegated

Ruling along with Him will be spirit born saints Daniel 7:14, 27, Revelation 1:6 [3:2, 5:10]

The earth will be divided into smaller localized administrative units. These smaller administrative units will be governed by spirit born saints. Biblical data indicates at east three layers of administration: cities, tribal groupings, ethnic groupings, and Christ as supreme authority.

Luke 19:11-27 human beings will be rewarded for spiritual growth accomplished during their days in the flesh. Note: reward is different from salvation from death and the gift of eternal life which is based God's grace though Christ's sacrificial death. In this teaching:

each person starts with the same allotment 

some receive greater reward that others

the size of the reward is based on accomplishment

the reward is an appointment of authority [Jesus could have said the reward was property, or sensual pleasure, or mental bliss... but He said it was ordained authority]

the city is the first layer of authority… a local authority

Matthew 19:28 disciples ordained as authorities over the 12 sub-tribes of Israel... all true believers will receive rewards of this nature. This also seems to imply that some resurrected saints will be ordained as authorities over other resurrected saints.

Ezekiel 37:24-25 David is designated as the head of an entire ethnic grouping

Humanly devised systems of government involve a balance of power, even absolute monarchs had to work to gain the ongoing support of the aristocratic families. In the U.S. we have the judiciary [supreme court], the legislative [congress], and the executive [presidency] all of which are independent and intended to balance out the possible bad behavior of the others.

There will be no separation of powers, there will be no currying of favor with powerful landowners, no elections, campaigns, special interest groups, lobbyists, caucuses or political factions.

With Christ's rule definitive authority will exist in all parts of the world. Each outpost of authority will be based on the pattern of thought and judgment that emanates from the person of Christ in Jerusalem. Each one who rules will be responsible to Christ.

There will be no rebellions or coups... God's government cannot be overthrown... Satan's attempted rebellion proved that. The spirit born children of God will not turn themselves into God's adversaries. This is part of your vetting process in the flesh... God will not raise you up to spirit born eternal life until He knows where you stand.

Authority in the kingdom will see all the branches of government working together because they are combined in one unit. The model for this is not democracy, dictatorship, monarchy... God's model for government is the family.

Christ the husband operates as the head of the family... His bride [wife] serves at his side. Christ establishes the law.... the saints execute the law....  the function of judgment [settling of disputes] is with both the resurrected saints locally and with Christ overall.

1 Corinthians 6:2 

Genuine Love & Concern

1 John 4:16-18 unlike humanly devised systems the government of God is not built on the foundation of power and fear of that power. The government of God is all powerful, and it will dish out punishment when necessary. But power over others is not what motivates the government of God... the government of God is built on a foundation of love and outgoing concern like you find in a healthy family.

Matthew 20:26-27 [Luke 22:29-30] rulers in the KOG do not act selfishly... they act in a manner that is in the best interests of those they rule... in this way they are true servants of the people. Think of it as a parent who is in authority over a child yet they serve this child’s interests with love and concern.

Even loving parents might have the best intentions but make wrong decisions of what is truly “best” for their child. Rulers in God's government [even loving ones] do not decide for themselves "what is best" for those they govern. 

Revelation 2:26-27 yes an iron scepter has the power to punish but another significant feature of iron is that is does not bend. In God’s government there is one law for all humanity... not one law for the rich and another for the poor... one for the beautiful and one for the plain... one for the talented and another for the average. God is no respecter of persons and neither can you be.

An office and position is being prepared and stored up for you. Presently it is with God in heaven but when Christ returns He brings that reward with him. Today you practice and train for these responsibilities... in your family... on your job... within the body of Christ which is the Church.

You practice and train in small matters today so that you may be given much and entrusted with great things. Do not despise the day of small things.

Spiritual Authority Will Be Clearly Seen and Heard

Human beings were given dominion over the earth. Yet, human beings have allowed themselves to be taken captive by a powerful malignant spiritual influence... Satan & Demons. These spiritual powers at work are not visible to us, although the effect of their influence is Ephesians 6:12. Because they are not seen many deny their existence.

When Christ returns to rule He will depose Satan from his position of influence and bind him. The voice of opposition, slander, and temptation will be gone for the duration of the 1,000 year rule.

Christ’s  government will be visible to the flesh and blood people alive during the 1,000 years, Christ and the resurrected saints will be the only spiritual influence active on earth.

Jeremiah 31:34 people will not need to be first persuaded that God is real and is present. Skepticism and doubt will not be the formidable barriers to obedience they are in our present world.

The flesh remains the flesh... even without the influence of Satan it is still necessary that flesh be ruled over [internally and externally]. People will still have freedom of choice but now humanity will be guided by positive spiritual power and influence. The spirit of God will be proactive, actively pointing people in the right direction Isaiah 30:19-21.

Isaiah 25:6-9 the veil of deceit and spiritual confusion presently covering the whole earth will be lifted. They will see their God… [ but they will still have to choose].

The results of receiving and following proper spiritual guidance will be astounding! They will also be visible, they will be results humans can taste touch and see. Human history will receive a 1,000 year demonstration of how it is meant to work. The beauty and joy of that demonstration will be in place when all the rest of the dead are raised at the end of the 1,000 years. They are in for a surprise!

Some Results of Proper Spiritual Guidance

What do politicians, presidents, dictators and kings promise when they seek after power and authority? Peace and Prosperity! Where humanity’s hopes have failed Christ will succeed.

Initially peace will come about through enforcement: Psalm 72:1-7

Humans will not go to war to settle disputes they will seek authoritative judgement. Christ and the saints will settle disputes Isaiah 2:4. The resurrected saints will do like-wise on a local level.

One of the job skills you are to learn now is how to judge righteous judgment tempered with mercy [upholding the standards of righteousness but also tender hearted]. To learn this God allows you to fall into situations where you have to think hard about what you are going to do.

Through trials and tests you  build on your obedience with wisdom, discernment, and love.

Christ is expecting you to be ready to judge matters in the millennium. The intention is not that we merely become messengers who relay questions to Christ and them bring back the decision to the applicants... We are to learn how to apply righteous judgment ourselves... matters too difficult for us we can always go to Him for an authoritative decision.

James 4:1-3 war, violence, and fighting are spiritual problems. As a spiritual guide your purpose is to teach every human being to judge rightly, seek reconciliation and make peace. God's desire is that everyone go beyond peace through enforcement... the ways of peace be learned, internalized, and lived by everyone.


When people are not spending their time and energy building weapons, fighting and scheming against one another... all that energy and amazing human creativity will go into what is useful, helpful, beautiful, and joyful.

Ezekiel 34:24-31 God will also intervene to control and regulate other elements of nature to protect the inhabitants of the earth... Amos 9:13.

Micah 4:4 there will be an economy, people will have their own stuff and have the ability to benefit from the fruit of their own labor. Some will probably work harder and do better than others... how will we prevent economic disparity... haves and have nots, rich and poor?

Human governments propose various schemes for the redistribution of wealth ranging from the creative destruction of capitalism to the confiscation and reallocation of socialism.

But, the true answer to economic questions is spiritual: redistribution of wealth is accomplished through 1) generosity freely given, and 2) forgiveness... specifically forgiveness of debt. This principle is exemplified by the 7 year cycle of debt release and 50 year cycle of property restoration ... you can read more about these in Leviticus chapter 25.

Generosity and forgiveness are spiritual answers which will provide more that financial solutions.... the create a state of personal connectivity and outgoing concern... which is more important than stuff.


The government of God will be focused and centered on Christ and the saints who rule with Him. It will provide authority and structure in a loving environment based on the family model. Deception will be banished and all will have ready access to the truth. Instruction and judgement will provide order and prosperity... but order and prosperity are not the goals. All the good we look forward to in the millennium is provided by addressing the spiritual.

Order, peace, and prosperity are the natural by products of right spiritual principles, learned, lived and applied.