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What Is Wrong With God's Church?

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What is Wrong With God's Church?

MP3 Audio (52.7 MB)


What Is Wrong With God's Church?

MP3 Audio (52.7 MB)

People often find all kinds of reasons for wanting to stop attending God's Church. Are people in God's Church judgmental? Is there hypocrisy? Can I be mistreated by someone in God's Church? Are there unconverted people in God's Church? Do people in God's Church sin? And are these reasons to stop attending God's Church? What did Jesus and the Apostles have to say about this?

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  • lorMc
    This is a very thought-provoking sermon. I know there are chapters in my life I wouldn't want to be judged for.
  • Daniel Apartian
    Lynn this was a blessed, inspired and insightful message. Excellent job my friend! Greetings to you and the family.
  • Ken Murray
    Lynn, i appreciate you giving this very worthwhile message. I will have it played for our whole congregation, here in Clermont, Qld, Queensland and hope that other congregations of UCG, also play it. Your scriptural references, along with your baseball analogy, are very helpful in understanding how we can evaluate our own spiritual growth, as well as having a realistic approach towards being a useful member in the Church.
  • DVanP
    Thank you for bringing LIGHT to a dark area of the church. I have often joked that the main thing wrong with "the church" was that it was full of "people." You expose the Biblical truth of our "human-ness" very clearly. And -YES-YES - all the parables that you cited are excellent examples for us to review. I ESPECIALLY like the conclusion of it in the book of Jude. It also reminds me of Solomon's conclusion in Ecclesiastes 12:13. I pray this message reaches to "the ends of the earth" and enlightens God's true church!
  • Denise McClean
    I would also like to echo the above comment. This is the first time I have ever made a public comment about a sermon I have listened to, but felt compelled to in this case. It is one of those straight-talking messages pulling no punches and getting to the crux of not only why God's church experiences such turmoil, but why we should not be at all surprised by that fact. The Bible citations employed were so apt in explaining the inexplicable. It serves as a reminder how the quest to become more Christ-like is a daily, lifelong one in order to mitigate the risk of having those immortal words from Matt 7:23 that nobody wants to hear uttered - I never knew you - followed by the proverbial door being closed firmly in one's face. Thank you for its delivery.
  • fkellers
    Rene & I agree with Sal Cimino. Very helpful message!
  • Yankl
    Dear Mr. Leiby: Thank you very much for this timely message! I have found myself somewhat down about the lack of growth I have seen in myself over the years and my perception of others as well. Your message has helped me clarify many issues. As a baseball box score nut, I might say that fielding percentage might be considered as BA is affected by the efforts of nine other members of another team who are trying to stop the batter each time at bat (something like that may indeed be happening though!). Given this, a .300 BA over a 15 -20, year career is generally considered HOF level. Fielding percentage kind of kike seems like working out one's own salvation on the field as each fielding chance becomes an individual trial to overcome for the fielder. A good FP starts from about .970 to .980. Thank you very much again. I genuinely look forward to hearing your messages! Sincerely, Jerry
  • salcsports@verizon.net
    Thank you! What an excellent message. I am a second generation Christian who grew up in God's church in the 70's & 80's. It's sad to see so many fall away from the truth however like you said, the bible said it would happen. We just have to make sure we are not one of the foolish ones!! BTW, I loved the baseball analogy for your scripture in Matthew 13:23 - 47 years in God's church I have never looked at that verse in that light. May God bless you & your family & keep teaching God's Word.
  • leiby
    Thank you Sal for your kind remarks! And thank you for your decades of faithful service to God's Church!
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