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Who Is the Angel of God's Presence?

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Who is the Angel of God's Presence?

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Who Is the Angel of God's Presence?

MP3 Audio (53.8 MB)

What is the role and significance of the Angel of God’s presence? What name does scripture reveal as the forever name of God the Father? Though some assert that the name Yahweh always refers to the Father, we will see the title Yahweh often used to refer to the Angel of God’s presence and that the Angel of God’s presence is none other than the one who became Jesus Christ. Let us be truly encouraged and strengthened by God’s great plan through which God the Father and Jesus Christ are bringing many sons and daughters to glory!

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  • dlward
    The Word, the One who became Jesus Christ, created all things including the angelic realm. Colossians 1:14-18. Angels were never promised sonship. Hebrews 1:5. The Hebrew word, malak, can be translated as angel or messenger.. In Exodus 23:20, "malak" is translated as Angel. It is capitalized since the "messenger" is the One who became Jesus Christ as noted by the fact that He can forgive sin. Exodus 23:21 and God's name is in Him. Since God the Father and the Son are both uncreated, co-eternal and of the same essence---spirit---both can be referred to as Yahweh. Remember God's name is in the messenger, malak, of God's presence. This Messenger of God's presence led Israel into the promised land. Numbers 20:16; Isaiah 63:9; 1Corinthians 10:4. I explain this and more in the sermon. Apparently, you became confused over the translation of malak.
  • Jhuth
    Please feature this Sermon. There are quite a few people in our area that believe Christ is Created and this needs to be widely addressed and Dr Ward does this perfectly! Thank you.
  • Bruno Gebarski
    Those who think that Jesus Christ was a created Being are spiritual morons and air-heads—sorry but I do not adhere to political correctness—There are sufficient scriptures in the bible, starting with the genealogy of Jesus Christ in John 1:1 proving that Christ is a NON-CREATED BEING, Co-Eternal OUTSIDE of TIME-‘in the beginning’, SPACE ‘God created the heavens’ and MATTER, ‘and the earth.’—with God El Elion [God The Most High or God The Father] He Himself created. Remember one scripture [at least] when Christ answers the Pharisees and replies to them: 'Before Abraham I am': John 8:48-59.
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