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Title Speaker Date Congregation(s) Length
What Is Evil Dan Preston October 24, 2020 Charlotte, NC; Columbia, SC; Hickory, NC
Letting Your Light Shine With Your Works Today – Matters Anthony Pacelli October 24, 2020 Indianapolis, IN
Be Like Little Children Charles Graby October 24, 2020 Atlanta, GA; Buford, GA
40 Years From the Red Sea Gary Smith October 24, 2020 Houston, TX
Are You a Godly Servant? Doug Wendt October 24, 2020 Tampa, FL
Balaam 101 Chuck Smith October 24, 2020 Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Are You a Living Example? Bob Orosz October 24, 2020 Ft. Myers, FL; Ocala, FL; Tallahassee, FL; Vero Beach, FL
Sacrifices for Our God Tim Pebworth October 24, 2020 Petaluma, CA; San Francisco Bay Area, CA
Three Words of Courage Donald Ward October 24, 2020 East Texas
How Are You Progressing in Your Quest for Personal Excellence? Randy D'Alessandro October 24, 2020 Beloit, WI
Crisis Spells Opportunity Randy Stiver October 24, 2020 North Canton, OH
World Government Under Jesus Christ David Mills October 24, 2020 Columbus, GA; Macon, GA
Your Election Choice: Incumbent or Challenger? John Elliott October 24, 2020 Burlington, WA
Preparing for End Times: What Are You to Do? Shawn Cortelyou October 24, 2020 Elkhart, IN; Munster, IN
Is the 5th Commandment a Covenant Between God and Man? brian hall October 24, 2020 Columbus, GA; Macon, GA
Social Justice: Present and Future William Bradford October 24, 2020 Chicago, IL
Spiritual Eyesight Steve Myers October 24, 2020 Cincinnati East, OH
Decoding Difficult Scriptures Nicholas K. Lamoureux October 24, 2020 Cincinnati East, OH
The New Covenant Prophecy Randy Stiver October 23, 2020 North Canton, OH
Being a Kingdom Bringer - Now! Robin Webber October 17, 2020 Las Vegas, NV; Redlands, CA; San Diego, CA