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Ambassador Bible College

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The ABC routine is a challenging week centered around a seven-hour-a-day educational curriculum. It also includes plenty of opportunities for social interaction, leadership and service. Students can participate on service committees, in chorale and in speech club. Some of the service projects have included charity events to raise money for children’s educational funds in Africa and student scholarship funds in South America, the annual Cincinnati Heart Walk, a cancer bike-a-thon, and nursing home visits. Since the ABC program is located at the home office of the United Church of God, AIA, students also experience the work of the church here, and interact daily with the office administration and staff.

  • by Frank Dunkle
You might even wonder what exactly is ABC. What happens there? Well, you have questions, and I have answers!
  • by Victor Kubik
Thirty students graduated as part of the Ambassador Bible College class of 2015.