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  • by David Elliott
So, if one relatively modest volcano can cause so much disruption to international travel, what potential does the rest of the earth have?
Many ideas about Armageddon can be found in literature and movies. But what does the Bible say about Armageddon?
  • by Gary Petty
It is claimed that an ancient Mayan calendar mysteriously ends at the winter solstice in the year 2012. Will that mark the end of human history? TV, magazines, major movie studios, booksellers and dozens of Web sites are fanning the 2012 craze. Does Bible prophecy reveal what's really coming?
  • by Jerold Aust
Writings on Armageddon have proliferated in the past 50 years. The term Armageddon has morphed into an end-of-the-world symbol, forecasting a catastrophic image for the future of mankind. In truth, the events attached to and following Armageddon will usher in global peace for all mankind! Few have ever understood what the term Armageddon actually means.