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the Beast

  • by Paul Kieffer
While many economic experts have focused on the Greek debt crisis and the future of the euro, the plight of unemployed youth in Europe has received less attention. Rising numbers may embrace political extremism.
  • by World News
In the book of Revelation, the apostle John saw a vision of a woman wearing scarlet and riding a beast with seven heads and 10 horns. This woman represents a false religious system responsible for the persecution and murder of God's saints over the last 2,000 years. It will play a major role in world events just before the return of Jesus Christ to this earth.
  • by Tom Robinson
While the world focuses on the continuing violence in the Middle East, prophetically significant events are transpiring in Europe. On Friday, June 13, the Convention on the Future of Europe completed its work of drafting a new constitution for the European Union—though some final alterations may yet be made.